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S4T Technologies Ltd is a company of connected services of preventive and predictive maintenance intended for advanced industrial companies.

S4T is a new integrative 4.0 solution, with a unique hardware and software architecture, based on identified management needs, to significantly reduce maintenance costs.


To be the leader in a new segment of predictive maintenance market with a tailor-made 4.0 solution, serving its industrial customers, with a solution-oriented approach.


S4T Technologies Ltd provides acquisition and processing of strategic and operational data intended to better anticipate the maintenance of production components. S4T develops and provides tailor-made connected service and support solutions, with a unique architecture, dedicated electronic and application components.

S4T is multi-markets and multi-industries for an intelligent processing of customer data, in order to reduce its maintenance costs of industrial equipment, according to its strategy of data protection.



A unique interconnected system, independent of any machine producer, without any battery, which contains a dedicated network, data acquisition sensors, a tailor-made software, a mobile application and local services for targeted users of a fleet machinery or equipment.

S4T is a preventive and predictive maintenance management solution for a complete spindle park or any device with a limited lifespan.



The multidisciplinary team put in place offers a unique combination of talents, with business expertise in the machine-tool and spindle industry and in management systems.

S4T executive team benefits from a solid network of partners in the IoT, software and hardware, technological and strategic fields.

Our experienced, solution-oriented and agile team is dedicated to the development and implementation of high value, integrative connected solutions.